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"Open House" is a fresh and energetic real estate concept, which gives you, our client, the familiar feeling of "being home", and the comfort of knowing that someone is looking after you every step of the way. The firm is located in north Tel Aviv on 40 Basel street, and specializes in residential real estate in the northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, the city center, and the seashore area. Our office also specializes in commercial real estate across the country. We at "Open House" have years of experience, and we provide full service to guide you through the process of the purchase or sale of your home. Our mission is to deliver the highest levels of integrity, credibility and professionalism. Through our marketing, real estate brokerage and development activities in Israel, we strive to set new standards of professionalism, customer service and personal attention. With these standards, we look to take the lead in improving the image of the real estate industry in Israel. Our professional real estate agents and consultants are licensed by the Ministry of Justice, and work according to all rules of professional ethics, honesty, fairness and full transparency, and the client’s interest is always placed above all else. All this is provided in a relaxed and pleasant family atmosphere, with caring and dedicated assistance which begins from the first moment of contact.   In addition to managing the negotiation and closing of deals, the firm also provides additional related services, such as valuation of assets, legal services, taxation advice, architectural planning, and interior design. We have developed many relationships over the years with architects, interior designers, lawyers, bankers, appraisers and other real estate offices, that allow us to give you, our customers, added value in leading you through all aspects of the transaction until closing. We look forward to counting you among our satisfied customers.


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